5 Tips on How to Clean Your Car Like a Pro

The biggest mistake that most people do is trying to wash their cars casually. Washing a car perfectly requires some skills. Here are the 5 basic skills on How to Clean Your Car Like a Pro:

How to Clean Your Car Like a Pro
How to Clean Your Car Like a Pro


Without regular treatment, conditioning and cleaning, a car’s exterior and interior is prone to marring, cracking, peeling and discoloration. The car needs to be detailed depending on how frequently it is being used. The car must be washed at least once every week so as to keep off the dirt that embeds itself in coat. Waxing should be done at least once per month to ensure that the car remains shinny

Accessing your car needs

The car should be inspected every week to see the level of care that it requires. The paint must be inspected under bright light or direct sunlight so as to check any scratches, swirl marks or imperfections. The more swirls and scratches a car has, the longer time the car will take too get back to its original shine. Headlights must be inspected for hazing, rock chips and scratches; Lower trims and splash guards must be inspected for cracks

Are you washing the car properly?

When washing a car, it’s quite easy to do perfect finishes by following proper steps in order to eliminate paint marring and swirling:

– You must make sure that you used at least three buckets for the vehicle’s exterior and use at least a wash mitt that has two different colors along with soft round brushes. You must also use bristles that are approximately 2 inches in length as well as a plastic or a wooden handle that has no metal component. One bucket must have a considerate amount of car wash shampoo that is supper slick, soft and safe on all the surfaces. The water inside the other two buckets must be plain

– Rinse the car thoroughly and ensure that you remove all the dirt and soap from the surface. Use a master blaster when drying your vehicle to eliminate any chance of marring or swirling. Never use a blower when drying the car; this is to ensure that the air that is coming out of the blower is clean

– Spray some light mitt of spray sealants or even some spray wax onto the car surface. Wipe the vehicle using thick and soft microfiber in order to get a scratch-free finish

Preparing your car for polishing

This step involves tapping-off key areas and covering the glass using newspapers; it also entails wrapping of the exhaust tip using plastic. It’s also vital to ensure that all the other processes are completed before embarking on polishing. This is to ensure that the car is devoid of all forms of grit or contamination that may compromise the process of polishing

The perfect way to avoid marring and polishing is by applying semi-permanent paint sealants. Those sealants take a maximum of two days to cure but the moment dry up, they can last for a period of up to two years. Coating adheres to the surface of the paint

Maintaining the finish of the car

After the car is perfectly cleaned, avoid packing it under trees that may drip sap onto your car. Using appropriate quality cleaning products is highly recommended for your car to have a higher chance of getting a perfect gloss